My Whole Foods Journey

month or so ago I asked my husband if he would mind if once a week I made a recipe out of a whole foods cookbook I had acquired a year or so ago but had never cooked out of. He surprised me and said yes, even after I told him it was all non-dairy, vegetarian fare.

Tonight was the first time I took him up on this. I made Arroz con Chicharos. It wasn’t a hit with him. The meal consisted of rice, carrots, peas, onions, sea salt and chili powder. It was fairly easy to make (which was why it was my first, as I can cook but nothing too complicated.) I really enjoyed the texture of the dish but it did really need some more flavor. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily bland, but I definitely could have added a LOT more chili powder and sea salt for sure. She suggested serving it with tortilla chips (which surprised me as I never considered those healthy) so I crumbled some on top of mine. (I think my husband had completely given up on the recipe as a lost cause before the onions were even sautéing in the sesame oil and did not add tortilla chips on his.)

Will I give up on the cookbook already?? No, definitely not (although I’m sure I know someone who hopes I do ;)). I’ll try another recipe but this time will perhaps try something with fish (the only “meat” allowed in the cookbook.) My husband will definitely be more receptive to it that way.

Anybody else out there want to share your healthy, whole food meals that maybe my husband would appreciate more? I’d love to hear your comments as always!


5 responses to “My Whole Foods Journey

  • Rachael D

    I think that when you’re trying to switch away from processed foods to more whole foods, there are a few things that make it easier:

    1. Flavor. You need good spices in order to replace the sodium/fake flavors of packaged foods. One thing that consistently surprises me when I read conventional recipes is how few spices are in them, and rarely fresh herbs either.

    2. Find a good cookbook. I really recommend the “Six O’Clock Scramble” cookbook as an easier transition to whole foods b/c the flavors are easier on the palate and it’s all 30 minute meals. You also might like Taste of Home’s magazine “Healthy Cooking” b/c it has more of the flavors you’re used to but in healthier ways.

  • Elizabeth (Yellow Elm)

    If you do pick up Alicia’s The Kind Diet, she has some great recipes in the last 2 chapters! I tried out Sweet Potato Lentil Stew recently and it was delicious and flavorful! It has a good combo of spices that you can add to taste, and I put in extra cayenne…a happy accident that added plenty of zing haha. My husband has liked everything I’ve made from her book so far too :)

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