Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers: Product Review

When my daughter was around 5 months old, she started having leaks every other night in her cloth pocket diapers and, since we were co-sleeping, that meant I had to keep changing and washing our one set of sheets. That got annoying fast so I asked some other cloth diapering friends for their suggestions on what I could do. They unanimously agreed I needed to try covers and prefolds.

One friend suggested the Thirsties brand and I’m so glad she did. I decided to try out the Duo Wraps to see if they would work for us. The main reason these appealed to me is they were a one size diaper cover. Well, actually, there are 2 sizes (thus the “duo”). The first size (size one) goes from 6-18 lbs and the next size (size two) goes from 18-40 lbs. I liked the fact I wouldn’t need to buy many sizes and could just buy 2.

My daughter in a Thirsties Blackbird Cover

Another feature of the Duo Wraps that I REALLY like is the leg gussets. They are the biggest reason I think we no longer experienced diaper leaks at nightafter switching to these covers. We just make sure the prefold is tucked underneath the gussets (and up top, too) and it works flawlessly to keep wetness in.

The designs are really cute, too. I love the blackbird especially! There are also plain colors in addition to the patterned styles, if you prefer something less flashy.

I wholeheartedly recommend these covers! I have never had a problem with them have been using them at night since my daughter was under 6 months. (She is 27 months now to give you an idea of how long we’ve used them.) I have both snaps and velcro and the velcro is still sticking as well, which is really nice. I’m sure these have a ton of life left in them.

Do you use diaper covers? What are your favorite brands?


8 responses to “Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers: Product Review

  • Jenny

    We like these, too. Unfortunately when I bought mine it was when I was pregnant with my 22-month-old and they didn’t have the cute prints yet. I like these better than Bummis because they stretch a little and are easier to put on. But right now we are trying to phase out all our velcro and go to wool covers. I have made a few from old sweaters and they work great. That’s gotta be the cheapest way to cloth diaper!

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  • Melissa

    We LOVE our duo wraps, too! I’m a bit cheap and bought ours when my daughter was right around 14 pounds, but went with the size 2 just because I couldn’t bear the thought of buying a new set of covers a few months down the line. They were by no means trim, but worked just fine on my teeny tiny and are still great now that said teeny tiny is fifteen months old. I love the blackbird and the stripes :)

  • Kate, aka guavalicious

    I love Thirsties! Of course when my girls were still in diapers the big news was colors. These prints and size adjustment improvements are awesome! I am a bit jealous. But just a bit, happy to be diaper free! ;)

  • jessicatelian

    That’s interesting that you like these so much…I’m currently in the process of writing a cloth diapering post and part of it is going to be about how we used to LOVE these, but now, after a year of use, they’re starting to fall apart and leak majorly. We’re therefore switching to Blueberry Coveralls with the hopes that they’ll hold up better. Have you had any issues the waterproofing on the PUL falling apart? That’s been our problem…and I usually line-dry them, etc. We’ve used our size twos since our little guy was about four or five months old…and he’s now eighteen months old…I thought they would last a lot longer. :( But anyway…I’m glad they work for you! :)

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  • Shannon Reed

    We love the Thirsties diaper covers – especially when co-sleeping. No leaks=)

  • Amanda

    I will sing praises about Thirsties Duo Wrap for daytime use for years to come, but literally last night, they sprung a leak (perhaps our son’s nursing every 1-2 hours is the culprit)! He starts out the night in a wool soaker with a prefold and stays cozy and dry in this setup (never have had a leak). Then halfway through the night I change him into a Duo Wrap with a trifolded prefold already laying inside, so I just do a quick change. Well, his onesie and woombie were soaked on one side. Everything was tucked inside, so my guess is the excess liquid just busted through the seams! I will now be taking the extra time to put him into another wool soaker half way through the night…

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