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Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers: Product Review

When my daughter was around 5 months old, she started having leaks every other night in her cloth pocket diapers and, since we were co-sleeping, that meant I had to keep changing and washing our one set of sheets. That got annoying fast so I asked some other cloth diapering friends for their suggestions on what I could do. They unanimously agreed I needed to try covers and prefolds.

One friend suggested the Thirsties brand and I’m so glad she did. I decided to try out the Duo Wraps to see if they would work for us. The main reason these appealed to me is they were a one size diaper cover. Well, actually, there are 2 sizes (thus the “duo”). The first size (size one) goes from 6-18 lbs and the next size (size two) goes from 18-40 lbs. I liked the fact I wouldn’t need to buy many sizes and could just buy 2.

My daughter in a Thirsties Blackbird Cover

Another feature of the Duo Wraps that I REALLY like is the leg gussets. They are the biggest reason I think we no longer experienced diaper leaks at nightafter switching to these covers. We just make sure the prefold is tucked underneath the gussets (and up top, too) and it works flawlessly to keep wetness in.

The designs are really cute, too. I love the blackbird especially! There are also plain colors in addition to the patterned styles, if you prefer something less flashy.

I wholeheartedly recommend these covers! I have never had a problem with them have been using them at night since my daughter was under 6 months. (She is 27 months now to give you an idea of how long we’ve used them.) I have both snaps and velcro and the velcro is still sticking as well, which is really nice. I’m sure these have a ton of life left in them.

Do you use diaper covers? What are your favorite brands?


University Games Eric Carle Wooden 4-in-1 Jigsaw Box: Product Review

My best friend is one of those people who always gives the perfect gift, and this Christmas was no exception. She bought my daughter, Marcella, a sock monkey that she loves and the University Games Eric Carle Wooden 4-in-1 Jigsaw Box. I had told her how much Marcella loves puzzles. She had previously only had the Melissa and Doug chunky wooden puzzles with the picture behind the object so those were fairly simple ones for her to do.

This puzzle box, however, has the traditional interlocking puzzle pieces. Four puzzles come in the box and the box is a wooden box with 4 compartments for each puzzle set. The puzzle pieces have the number on the back so it is easy to sort them and put them away. My daughter (23 months) can even do it. The top of the box slides in place. With a little practice, she can also put the lid in place on her own most of the time.

via milo.com

The actual puzzles are the fun artwork of Eric Carle (from 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo). They are each a different animal(s) which is great since Marcella loves animals (an elephant, lions, giraffes and hippos). The actual puzzles themselves can be put together to form a train. (I actually didn’t notice this until my husband pointed it out.) Marcella will sometimes slide the puzzles off with the lid and set them up on the floor when she is done and then she will move onto the next one.

This is easily her absolute favorite toy! It is a fun toy that we can interact and play with her with and, after some time practicing, she can now do on her own as well. They are simple little puzzles (12 pieces each) and each puzzle has the same types of pieces so it’s pretty simple for a little one to catch on to the patterns. The puzzle says 3 and up but my daughter received this when she was 21 months and I didn’t feel like it was a choking hazard for my daughter (which is the reason given for the 3 and over recommendation). This toy gets a huge thumbs up from our family!

What is your toddler’s favorite toy these days?

Alba Mint and Aloe Shaving Foam: Product Review

image via Amazon

I wanted to try a less toxic product for shaving but finding a foam, which is my preference, is hard to find. I finally came across Alba’s Mint and Aloe Shaving Foam. Although not as thick as a conventional shaving foam, it is still a foam and not a lotion. I just have to use more of this than I was use to with my conventional product. That part took some getting used to but once I figured out how much to use, it wasn’t an issue.

The description from the website says:

“Aerosol-free to help protect our environment. Formulated with organic botanicals and vitamin E to gently soothe the skin, plus organic aloe vera for a smooth, clean finish. Featuring a patented, aerosol-free, foaming technology that delivers a silky, lubricating foam to soften hair for effortless razor glide and prevent troublesome razor clogs.”

I love the scent. With conventional types, I always had to use unscented for sensitive skin which was kind of boring but this scent is hypoallergenic so I could go for a fun scent! Yay! (I will say that the fragrance probably makes this not as toxin-free as an unscented version. It is not listed in Skin Deep’s Database but that would just be my assumption.) It is very light and subtle but it is still there. The mint and aloe also feel very cooling and refreshing afterwards so instead of my skin feeling like it’s burning (once again, I have sensitive skin), it feels really nice. I really never imagined that my skin could actually not feel like it was burning afterwards. What a nice change it has been! It honestly makes me wonder if it is related to the chemicals in the products I was using before possibly being the reason for it.

All in all, I really like this product. I actually have Alba’s Mango Vanilla Shaving Foam to try when this runs out because I was so happy with this product.

Maylees Garden Vegan Laundry Detergent: Product Review

One day I was just perusing the Etsy site looking at natural products, particularly soaps, when I stumbled upon Maylees Garden Vegan Soaps. (Maylees is no longer on Etsy but is now only on Artfire.)The pictures were beautiful, the scents sounded wonderful and I was intrigued.  I didn’t buy anything right away but I kept coming back…and eventually I ordered the Black Raspberry Vanilla laundry detergent to use on my daughter’s clothes.

Clove Orange and Tangerine Laundry Detergent

I waited patiently for my order. It took a little longer than I had anticipated but I was okay with that. I did began to worry that my order had not gone through so I contacted Maylees via their Facebook page and was assured my order would be coming soon. It arrived shortly after that and I was so excited. Never had my mail actually smelled good before. The Black Raspberry and Vanilla was a soft, sweet-smelling detergent and I completely fell in love with it. My daughter’s clothes smelled heavenly! I doesn’t leave a heavy,  perfumey (sp?) type smell but a soft, subtle smell. Whenever I hug my daughter and my nose burrows into her clothes, I smell it. It’s more like that.

I was hooked. I recently purchased some fall scents, Pumpkin Cider and Chai Tea, and have been happy with them as well. Each order that I have made has come with a small sample as well.  I can’t remember all three I received but the one I do remember had Cedar in it and had a nice masculine smell to it that would be perfect for my husband’s laundry. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned how soft my clothes are now! No more fabric softener needed in this house!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Soap

In addition to laundry detergent, Maylees Garden Vegan Soaps carries shampoo bars, perfume oil and soaps. Check them out! If you are on Facebook, there is also a coupon code on their Facebook page.

Bare Escentuals Eye Shadow: Product Review

I have been using Bare Escentuals products for at least 3 years now and have been very happy with their products. I received a starter kit for my birthday and have been hooked ever since. A little while after that I ordered the eye kit and loved that as well.

True Gold

I wanted to focus on my most recent Bare Escentuals purchase though in this post: the bareMinerals Eye Shadows. I had a gift certificate and decided to use it to purchase the Cultured Pearl and True Gold colors and have loved them! They are so pretty and shimmery, perfect for the summer! I like that they can both be worn alone or mixed with other colors. They are easy to apply and I never experience itchiness, which happens to me with some other eye products. I also love the brushes that came with my eye kit. They make controlling how much eyeshadow you put on very easy! My favorite is the liner brush.

Cultured Pearl

Do you have a favorite Bare Escentuals product? I would love to hear about it!

e.l.f. Nail Polish Removal Pads: Product Review

As I was removing my nail polish today, I was once again thankful for my discovery of the most awesome nail polish remover ever! I used to really dread taking off my nail polish because it was such a pain. Now, it’s so easy! I use e.l.f.’s Nail Polish Removal Pads.

There were 2 main things I hated about traditional nail polish remover: the smell and that it always dried out my skin really badly. These pads do neither. They have a nice, clean citrus scent that doesn’t burn my nose and eyes. My husband ALWAYS complained in the past when I got out the nail polisher remover bottle and asked me to not open it while he was in the room because the scent gave him a headache. No longer an issue with these pads!

I also love that I no longer have to deal with dried out skin anymore when removing nail polish. These are very gentle yet get the job done.  A side benefit is they come in a small little container, no big bottle to store. One of the best parts, however, is the price! $1.o0 buys you 18 pads. I usually use 1-2 pads for my finger nails and 2-3 for my toe nails. (Darker colors take longer to remove.) Since discovering these, I have never bought another bottle of that heinous smelling drugstore polish remover.

A side note, e.l.f. stands for eyes lips face and the company has lots of great products. Their products are all super cheap! A lot of the items are only $1.00 like the nail polish removal pads. They have a full line of cosmetics and related tools, as well as bath products. Check them out! Right now they have a special where you can pay just $1.98 for shipping when you spend $20 or more. (Use coupon code June198 by June 14 to get this special.)

Philosophy: Product Review

Since I have reached 2,000 hits, it’s time for another guest writer! Who better to write for A Little Bit of All of It then my own mother! So I introduce my mom, Nancy, to my blog. Here is her review of Philosophy.

I have been told that I look younger than my almost 51 years. I attribute that partly to genetics, staying out of the sun and my Philosophy. What is my Philosophy? It is the skincare products that I use and love. I have been using Philosophy products for probably 8 or 9 years. The products that I cannot live without are Purity, Hope in a Jar and Amazing Grace.

Purity is the face soap. Ah, but it is more and this is the part that is great–it is an eyemake up remover, too. This saves a step in your nightly skincare routine. So, as you are washing your face, you just gently rub your eyes and your eye makeup dissapears. I like the fact that I am using something so gentle on my face that I can rub it in my eyes and it does not sting one bit yet, it cleans very well. It smells nice, too as do all the products.

Hope in a Jar is next and it is the most wonderful moisturizer. It is very different from most moisturizers I have used in the past. It has a souffle-like texture and it makes your skin look and feel radiant.

Amazing Grace is a 3-in-1 product: bubble bath, body wash and shampoo. It smells heavenly and it is amazing as the name implies. They have this scent in a perfume also that I have used as well. It is very light and not too perfumy at all. You just smell very clean and fresh.

There are many other Philosophy products that I have also used. The Microdelivery Exfoliating Peel (use this and your face is sooo smooth), Hope in a Tube (for those eye lines), When Hope is Not Enough, Inner Grace, etc. And don’t even get me started on their bath and shower gels. Just to name a few, Red Velvet Cake, Butterscotch Bliss, Belgian Waffle, and Strawberry Milkshake. They have so many unique combinations and they all smell incredible.

All the products have really neat names and the packaging is unique with children’s images on many of the products and each bottle has the “Philosophy” for that product that I enjoy reading. The 3-in-1’s have actual recipes on the label that you can use, too. They also have a line of cosmetics.

If I had unlimited funds, I would buy one of everything. Try these products, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Graco Classic Wood High Chair: Product Review

Thanks to our Shepherding Group, we have this beautiful high chair that we love! It is the Graco Classic Wood High Chair, pictured below. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is super easy to use. It has a dishwasher safe plastic tray that overlays the wooden tray that is easy to clean. We can’t fit it in our dishwasher so we just wash it in the sink. When you take off the tray there is a smaller “snack” tray underneath so I can leave my daughter in the seat while I go put the tray in the sink or whatever. I know some other chairs I have used when not at home that didn’t have anything once you took off the tray so I felt like I needed to immediately take her out even though she was strapped in.

The seat pads are easy to wipe clean but if they do need a more thorough washing they wash up very nicely in the washing machine. They dry quickly (I always air dry them), as well. I have had lots of foods that normally stain get on it and they came out very easily.

Another really neat thing about this chair is that it converts to a normal chair when our high chair days are over. You just remove the tray, pads and snack tray and it is a nice wooden chair.

I like that it is eco-friendly without a lot of plastic like most high chairs have and that it will grow with us instead of being yet another piece of baby gear that we will only use for a short time. As far as safety, it has a 3-point harness so she is nice and secure in it.

We would definitely recommend this high chair and are so thankful we received it! This was one of the items on our registry that we really wanted to get but would not have be able to purchase ourselves so we were so thankful for it!

Bibs: Product Review

Asparagus…that was my baby girl’s first solid food. I gave it to her when she was just a little over 7 months. This was also the first time I ever used a bib and I have since discovered that not all bibs are created equally. Maybe this is because my baby wasn’t a drooler…or a spitter-upper, but I just don’t have any use for those little tiny bibs that come with an outfit. These are just a complete waste for me personally, even if they do go with her outfit.

Enter the bigger bibs with the little pouches underneath that you can wipe up. These are also not all created equally. I only like the ones you can throw in the washer. Call me lazy but the ones that have to be wiped and hand washed are just not for me. So, my favorite bibs are by a brand called Bumkins. They have cute patterns (I like the Suess one pictured the best) and are nice and big so all the food ends up on it instead of her. Also, the pouch catchs lots of food! When she’s done eating, I just rinse it off and throw it in the washer. I air dry it (it drys very quickly) and it’s ready to go again.

I also recently discovered these really great bibs from IKEA. I bought a 2 pack and they are fantastic for messy meals. My little girl has always fed herself so it can get messy if I give her a mushy food. Enter these bibs from IKEA.  They have sleeves and a pouch. They also meet my criteria of being wipeable and machine washable. I tried these out when I gave my daughter some Greek yogurt and, underneath the bib, she was clean. At $3.99 for a 2 pack, the price is great, too!

Baby’s Bath Time – Product Reviews

It is so fun to give our babies bath’s! And there are some fun products out there that make it even more enjoyable or make it easier! Below are some of the things I have used and enjoyed!


Marcella enjoying bathtime!


Bath Luve Frog – Cute and functional, the Bath Luve Frog makes bath time warm for your little one. You simply drape it over baby, after soaking it in warm water and they can stay cozy while you wash away! We certainly benefitted from using it while our daughter was in the newborn stage.

Summer Infant Tub Time Tea Party Set – Our daughter loves playing with her tea set in the bathtub! It floats on top of the water when empty. The teapot can be filled with water and the spout really works so we can fill her little cups or just have fun pouring water on her! The set comes as pictured with a teapot, lid for the teapot, sugar cubes bowl and 2 cups.

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream – We started using this on our baby’s little legs when she developed some bumps that were dry and scaly. This worked like a charm! We put it on her legs and feet after every bath now.

Mother’s Touch Comfort Bath Support – This was the perfect little support to put in our bathtub for our baby to lay in so we could bathe her. It can be laid flat or elevated (like in the picture below) and is easy to travel with as it folds up and velcros together and has a handle. The only drawback is you have to remember to hang it up to let it dry and then I would have to go back and flip it on the other side to let that side drain and dry so it wouldn’t get mildewy. Other than that, it was a great product that we used up until our little girl could sit up unassisted.


Marcella's first bath


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