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I’m Stylish! Who Knew?

Becoming Crunchy decided I was cool enough to receive the Stylish Blogger Award! I’ll have to add it to the collection. (Does 2 constitute a collection??)  To accept, I must follow these rules. I think I can handle that!

  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award 10-15 blogs you feel deserve the award.
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

Here are my 7 things!

  1. Even though I’m the biggest wimp ever, I gave birth naturally and can’t wait to do it again! I actually look forward to another water birth one day.
  2. Overflowing toilets scare me…really.
  3. For some reason, every week when I meal plan I feel like I need to reinvent the wheel. I don’t just have a bunch of go-to meals we repeat each month. Every week the majority of our meals are new to us. I really need to not stress myself out so much by finding and coming up with new things each week but I can’t seem to help it!
  4. Related to #3, I have WAY too many cookbooks. It’s a problem. I LOVE them so much yet I don’t actually use them much. I mostly find recipes online. I did go through a little spell this summer where I relied mainly on my cookbooks but somewhere along the line I slipped back into my old ways. I love Zip List so I will blame them for now.
  5. My husband is an unexpected baker. We both were laid off last year so my husband tried his hand at baking and discovered a hidden talent. He now works full-time and does the baking thing on the side. His favorite cake to make was my daughter’s Candy Land birthday cake last year for her first birthday.
  6. I’m still nursing my 2 year old with no immediate plans to stop. Although this is not the norm in our culture, there are a ton of wonderful benefits for both of us and is recommended by health organizations as well.
  7. I love pugs….and cheese.

No for the REALLY hard part! I have to pick some other stylish bloggers to award this to. I already gave an award to several bloggers awhile back so I’ll keep those blogs off and pick new ones. (Check them out, too though!) And if you notice these blogs are not on my blogroll, well I’m working on updating that soon! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated and I’ve discovered some awesome bloggers since then! I also am leaving off blogs that have already received this award for obvious reasons.

I award the Stylish Blogger award to:

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Check these blogs and Becoming Crunchy out! You won’t be disappointed!




Cookbooks…My Obsession

I will admit it. I have a problem…a growing problem. I am addicted to cookbooks. I have so many cookbooks and I continue to accumulate them. Have I used them all? Nope, but I can’t bear to part with any of them. My latest acquisition is “The Well-Filled Tortilla” and recently  I even borrowed a cookbook from a friend.

If it was just the cookbooks that would be enough of an issue but that is only the beginning. I have several baby food books as well and my baby has never even had a purée. I have a recipe box and 2 notebooks full of typed and handwritten recipes as well as recipes cut out from magazines. I have a folder in my email of recipes (as well as e-newsletter subscriptions with MORE recipes) and a Word doc on my PC of recipes.

I have a magazine subscription to “Food & Family” and on top of that a whole box filled with magazines I won’t get rid of because there just might be recipes in them I want to save. My iPhone has several  recipe apps and I regularly read several food blogs. My PaperBackSwap account’s wish list contains mostly cookbooks.

You see! I told you I have a problem. And, yes, everything that is linked or pictured is something I own/read.

The craziest part is I don’t even normally use ANY of these!! So, I am making a promise to you, my blog readers. I WILL use one of my cookbooks at least once a week. I will even pledge to use a recipe from one each week, not even the same one. And I will return the cookbook I borrowed. Each week at the bottom of whatever blog I post that week, I will give you the cookbook and the recipe. Keep me accountable! No more letting my poor cookbooks sit loved but dusty and unused!

My Whole Foods Journey

month or so ago I asked my husband if he would mind if once a week I made a recipe out of a whole foods cookbook I had acquired a year or so ago but had never cooked out of. He surprised me and said yes, even after I told him it was all non-dairy, vegetarian fare.

Tonight was the first time I took him up on this. I made Arroz con Chicharos. It wasn’t a hit with him. The meal consisted of rice, carrots, peas, onions, sea salt and chili powder. It was fairly easy to make (which was why it was my first, as I can cook but nothing too complicated.) I really enjoyed the texture of the dish but it did really need some more flavor. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily bland, but I definitely could have added a LOT more chili powder and sea salt for sure. She suggested serving it with tortilla chips (which surprised me as I never considered those healthy) so I crumbled some on top of mine. (I think my husband had completely given up on the recipe as a lost cause before the onions were even sautéing in the sesame oil and did not add tortilla chips on his.)

Will I give up on the cookbook already?? No, definitely not (although I’m sure I know someone who hopes I do ;)). I’ll try another recipe but this time will perhaps try something with fish (the only “meat” allowed in the cookbook.) My husband will definitely be more receptive to it that way.

Anybody else out there want to share your healthy, whole food meals that maybe my husband would appreciate more? I’d love to hear your comments as always!

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