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Sunday Surf

I hope you enjoy this week’s Sunday Surf, the best of what I’ve read this week. Babywise is Not the Bible. Parenting by the Law or by the Spirit? – “You do not have to answer to Gary Ezzo or anyone else. You do have to answer to God. You don’t need Babywise, you need the […]

Lots of Mommy Stuff Sunday Surf

Here’s the good stuff I’ve read this week. Enjoy! Getting Rid of the Garbage – “I honestly can’t believe how amazingly all this stuff works – I was kind of doing it begrudgingly at first, because I thought I should…but all of it has worked better than anything I was using before.” EC From Birth – “Fourteen months […]

How I Introduced Solids to My Daughter via Baby-Led Weaning

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew I wanted the best possible nutrition for her. I knew I would breastfeed her for at least 2 years and I planned on making my own babyfood for her. When my daughter was around 4 months old, I began reading and researching solid foods. I knew […]

For the Love of Mom Bloggers

10,000 hits is a big milestone here at A Little Bit of All of It and we are celebrating with a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers! Kelly is a first time mom and blogs at Becoming Crunchy about her family’s changing landscape from mainstream to granola. (Her husband very occasionally joins her on […]

Top Natural Parenting Posts

I volunteer at Natural Parents Network and so do a lot of other great women! As a way to introduce you to all of them, here are the best posts written by each of them. Joella at Fine and Fair writes about an unusual gripe she has with the breastfeeding doll, Bebe Gloton. Amy at Innate Wholeness offers simple […]

Natural Parenting Blog Party

I’m very late but I’m finally here and I’ve answered the Day 1 questions below! I’m looking forward to reading all of the other participants answers and the rest of the party! Not sure what I’m talking about? Go check out this post at The Peaceful Housewife. 1.How many children do you have, and how old […]

Easter, Babies, and Sleep – Sunday Surf

Babies and Birth My Beautiful, Peaceful Birth Space –“It’s hard to explain in words what it means to walk into this space to give birth instead of into a hospital room.” Is Fear in Pregnancy (and Birthing) Inevitable? – “…it seems pretty unhealthy to be so scared of such a normal and natural process, doesn’t […]

Gentle Birth Choices: Book Review

I’m kicking off a week of book reviews in honor of March being National Reading Month! The first book I’m going to review for the week is Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper. This is not the first, but one of the first books I read on birthing naturally. (The first was The Thinking Woman’s Guide […]

Sunday Surf for week of March 20

I got carried away again this week so we have another mega links Sunday Surf. Food and Recipes Celebrating 20,000 Hits: Interview with Christine Ortiz of “Milk & Honey Organics” – For those in the upstate SC area, check out this interview. I have tried out this service yet but really want to and found […]

Super Sunday Surf for week of March 6

Last week I had no Sunday Surf but this week I have SO much stuff to share, I’m going to have to categorize it! So let’s get to the links, shall we? Recipes and Food  Sunday Brunch: Scallion and Cheese Corn Muffins – These look utterly delicious…and cheap to make….and easy to make. That, pretty […]