The Security Blanket

We’ve been wondering if and when our daughter, Marcella was going to gain an attachment to a certain item like a lot of kids do. I’ve heard it called different things like a lovey or security blanket. Mine was a blanket with a satin edge I simply called “B”. I used to rub the satin so much that it eventually fell off, the stitching loosened over time.We actually tried to create one for Marcella, first a little stuffed bear from her Grandma and when that didn’t work a white, fluffy rabbit from a co-worker we nicknamed “Funny Bunny”. Neither one of these panned out so we just let it go, no big deal.

We thought she had finally settled on something herself, her talking dog, Violet, that sings songs and tells her she loves her using her own name. Marcella kisses and hugs her and seemed to be attached to her but that faded pretty quickly.

Marcella has surprised us with her choice of security blanket. The thing she loves to drag around with her, clutches to in her car seat, swings in her hand at the playground is not a stuffed animal or blanket, not a book or toy of any kind but her sippy cup.

Any sippy cup will do; she is not partial to a particular one. Lest you think it is the liquid in the cup she is attached to, I feel I should point out the only thing she has ever had to drink is water. Occassionally I will flavor it with a squeeze of lemon but that is it. She generally doesn’t even drink much from the cup, but chews on it, plays with it and carries it around. This also surprises me since she has never had a pacifier, bottle or artificial nipple of any kind.

She sees the  cup and all of the sudden it is “wa wa, wa wa, wa wa” and she will point to it to indicate she would like her cup. She will also say “wa wa” if she sees a water bottle or glass of water, too but since water is the only thing ever in the sippy cup, that is what she calls it. I am curious if she would still say that if I put something else in the cup but I haven’t tested that out yet.

Marcella's favorite cup

She does have a favorite, one she prefers to the others. It is the most expensive one we have so she has good taste I guess. :) It is a shiny insulated cup and I’m guessing that is why she likes it.What is your child’s favorite object? Is it as unusual as my daughter’s or is her choice not unusual at all? Do all children just love their cups?


6 responses to “The Security Blanket

  • Cindy

    Nate had a little bunny that he loved to death. It was worn and treasured. Aaron had a little pillow that is threadbare. Ike had me. We never had an affection for a cup. Kids are so interesting. I love shiny things, maybe it’s a girl thing for Marcella. I love hearing stories about children and their different personalities. As a mom of three older boys, I still enjoy seeing their differences.

  • Rachael

    Awww…that is so sweet.

  • lttlmom

    My grandbaby (age 2) uses her soppy cup as her security device. She has even mattered resting it on her forearm so she can still use both hands. She only ever has water in it and takes it to bed with her at night. Since I know this is not the healthiest thing for her I want to break the habit. Willing to replace with a blanket or stuffed animal. She wakes up in the night and searches for it. How can I break this?

  • lttlmom

    My grandbaby( age 2) is attached to her soppy cup also. She only has water in it. She has even mastered resting it on her forearm so she can still use both hands. She takes it to bed with her t night and if she can’t find it will wake up crying. Since I know this is not a healthy thing for her due to dental as well as sucking/swallowing issues it can cause I am wanting to break her of it. Any suggestions?

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