Bible Reading Plans

Have you read the entire Bible? Would you like a plan to help you do it? The internet abounds with Bible Reading Schedules but here are just a few.

Bible in a Year

Global Bible Reader

And here is a great article on actually doing it!

I have read through the Bible in the NIV once and I would like to do it again in the ESV.

3 responses to “Bible Reading Plans

  • Keri

    I love these schedules for reading. I’ve heard good things about the Chronological Bible. It mixes the standard Bible up into how they think it was written chronologically. I think that would be neat for reading the Bible straight through.

    Speaking of schedules…I plan on following the advent reading schedule which you can find on focus on the family’s website. I think my kids are old enough to understand the passages. I’m not completely decided on which version I will read to them, but we are going to give it a try!

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