I got inspired…and this time actually have done something with that inspiration. I started a blog! I should give credit to what inspired me first, I guess. It all started with a friend asking me to write about my parenting style (and, specifically, my grievances with a certain very popular parenting book). I have been enjoying putting down all of my jumbled up thoughts about the subject (yes, still working on it) and then, in the midst of doing that, I heard a podcast about moms starting blogs. I thought, hey, why not??? So here you have it. I blogged about planning my wedding, newlywed bliss, fertility awareness, buildingĀ our first home, trying to conceive and just daily life but got out of the habit awhile back. And, you know what, I miss it! So, cyberspace, I’m back! Yes, I’m still long-winded, yes it still takes me a long time to make my point but this time I have added a new job description to my resume…mom. Will this JUST be a mommy blog? No, but that IS a huge part of my life right now so it will be heavy on mommy adventures. But I promise to include some content that my BF (not a mommy) can enjoy, too.

Listen to the podcast that inspired me…


11 responses to “Inspiration

  • laq1013

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Julie! Blogging is SO much fun!!! I think you’re gonna love it. I look forward to reading more!

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the link! I look forward to reading more!

  • Rachael D

    I just subscribed! I’ve enjoyed following your other blogs in the past and am especially looking forward to your posts about faith.

  • Amy

    I am guessing you are referring to the parenting book I use?. . .

    • julamber

      Yes. :) But I am only writing it because I was specifically asked. I might post it here actually but keep it private and just give the password to those who have specifically asked me, like this friend did. Definitely not trying to push my views on others if they aren’t asking for it. :)

  • Amy

    I am just confused at how you are writing a blog about a book you never even finished. . . I don’t really care about pushing views on others. I do care that a friend of mine is repulsed by my parenting style.

    • julamber

      Amy, I promise I’m not repulsed by your parenting style, or anyone else’s! Parenting styles are a very personal decision that should be made with much prayer and one method definitely does not work for every family. I wish you and all the other mommy’s out there much success!

  • Allie

    I’m a die hard scheduling parent. With some flexibility of course. I worked part time with the birth of my first born, and had to know what my feeding schedule and her nap schedule would be every day. She also required discipline and instruction at the wee age of 4 months, and the rigid schedule is what she needed to thrive in life. She still does really well with knowing where the boundries are and knowing what the consequences are when she crosses them. She’s 5.

    With the arrival of my second child, my schedule became more relaxed, depending on what we were doing that day. We moved across the country when she was still small, nursing, and napping 2 times a day. I moved from working part time to staying at home. My ideas got more relaxed.

    By the birth of my 3rd child, I was using a flexible schedule, many of his morning naps were taken in the car seat attached to a shopping cart with his holder sisters hollering at the top of their lungs. We just couldn’t wait for the 1.5 hour wake time to get everything done that we needed to get done all week long.

    I’ve always reccommended parent-controlled feeding and scheduling your days for your child for many of the reasons that people DON’T do the same thing.

    A few things I’ve learned as a parent:
    You have to find the best method of parenting for you and your children (because ALL parents are different and ALL children are different…I had 3 different kids, what worked for the first couldn’t work for the 3rd).
    You have to learn to gracefully accept that other people do things differently, and they’re okay too (even if you think they’re insane).
    You have to hold your tounge and not step on toes because people get sooo wrapped up in the passionate way they do things that many times they can’t see some of the problems they are creating. Wait until they ask, then lovingly share your thoughts and ideas.
    You have have some ultimate goals as parents and realize that other parents might share your same goals and get there completely differently than you would.

    I can’t wait to read your insanely long article Julie. And I know you’ll still love me if I promptly disagree with whatever conclusions you come to. =)

  • Amy

    Thanks for the phone call Julie. I am glad you do not think I suck;)

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